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Finding Your Rhythm, Bringing Out Your Voice!

Milly Music Makers Class
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Our program

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Milly Music Makers is a music enrichment program for children aged three to six years old and enrolled in a preschool that offers the Music Makers program. It is melodic, rhythmic, fun, educational, empowering, and so much more! Musically, our program is designed to prepare children for formal music lessons by encouraging the development of basic music competence. This occurs when children acquire the ability to match and keep a steady beat, and correctly sing simple melodies in tune.


Did you know that making music is one of the few FUN activities that requires both brain hemispheres? Multiple studies have shown the benefits and impact that making and learning music can have in little minds.


Benefits include:

  • Builds stronger neural pathways

  • Reinforces information processing and retention

  • Strengthens speech and reading skills

  • Improve mental awareness and long-term memory

  • Reduces anxiety


*Links to different articles regarding more music studies included below.

Our Approach

Milly Music believes that all children learn through having fun. For this reason, children will see Music Makers as an additional playtime with instruments, their bodies and their voices. Playing musical games helps establish inner rhythm while also showing children ways to have fun together. Using simple rhythms, our voices and games... we make beautiful music!

While enjoying children's play, Milly Music takes learning very seriously!

Classes are designed to:

  • Introduce elementary singing, such as a major scale and other basic note patterns

  • Establish inner rhythm

  • Introduce and encourage improvisation

  • Make music individually as well as in a duo or group

  • Build confidence


During a Music Makers class, children:

  • Play rhythmic games, such as pat-a-cake and musical jump rope

  • Sing songs designed to scale train

  • Play audiation games

  • Learn songs in English and Spanish

  • Play musical games designed to teach dynamics (loud vs. soft)

  • Sing a cappella and make music with their bodies

At the end of each semester, there will be a recital for parents and family members to come and see what the children have learned.

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