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Music Together: Mixed Ages Class Information

Music Together® has nine unique collections, each named after different instruments.

Classes remain suspended at this time

Tuition Schedule

Payment Information:

  • We accept cash, check, credit card or PayPal. Payments made via credit card or PayPal will be charged a $5 processing fee. 

  • Semester invoice will be sent via email after registration is complete.

  • Payment plans are available - please contact us at for more information.

What your tuition covers

  • 8 weeks of 45 minute classes, including songs, rhymes, movement, and instrument play that is structured and developmentally appropriate for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

  • A CD of the current music collection.

  • Beautifully illustrated songbook, comprised of the music in the current collection and activity suggestions.

  • Music and Your Child: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers.

  • A free digital download of the current collection, accessible via the Hello Everybody! App.

    • ​Sing or play along, with or without vocals & lyrics (karaoke!) 

    • Ability to video record with the music and share right from the app

    • A digital version of the Hello, Everybody! Singalong Storybook

  • Online Family Zone:

    • Access to all of your Music Together collections

    • Activity ideas

    • Coloring pages

    • and more!​.

​Note: Classes can be cancelled prior to the first date of class with a $10 cancellation fee. Once a family has attended the first class, there is a $60 cancellation fee for all materials distributed.

What to Expect

Wear comfy clothes - In our classes you and your child will be sitting on the floor, dancing around the room, jumping up and down, banging on a drum, and participating in many other fun and energetic activities. Please dress comfortably. Also, please be aware that for the safety of our little ones crawling around on the floor, we ask that everyone remove their shoes before entering the classroom. Don’t forget to bring socks!

Parent Participation - We are all here to have fun! This includes you! Music Together® classes actively include caregivers. Your participation is so important to us! Participation can be with your body or with your voice -once you are comfortable and ready. Do keep in mind that children will have even more fun and be more encouraged to participate when seeing the adults actively participating.

Please no cell phones, long conversations, or other distractions during the class. Music Together® classes are a wonderful time to dedicate only to your little ones! We are happy to let you and your child take pictures with all the instruments before and/or after the session.

Food is not permitted during class due to any unknown allergies of children present. Exceptions include breast and bottle feeding for infants.

Child Participation - Children are children! They learn in many different ways and are expected to vary in mood, interest, activities, and/or movements. Let them! All children can participate in any way, shape or form they wish… even if this means standing still. Feel free to allow your child to participate at his/her own comfort level. At the same time, engage with your child during the songs and activities. Encourage your children to participate by showing them how much fun you are having in the class. Feel free to be silly with them! Children absorb from their caregivers much more than we realize. They will eventually want to participate in the fun with you!
The only action that is discouraged in the classroom is running, as this can lead to your child or other children getting hurt. As long as your child is safe to himself and others, we encourage every child to experience the class in the way that is most meaningful and developmentally appropriate to them!

Infant Siblings - Siblings under 9 months at the time of registration can attend the class free with a paid registration.

What to Expect
First enrolled child


Siblings 9 months or older on date of registration


Sibling under 9 months as of date of registration with paid registered sibling


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